Saturday, December 11, 2010

Training During the Holidays

How do you find the time and motivation to train during the holidays? You know what I for gifts, wrapping gifts, making cookies, decorating trees, planning get togethers with family and friends. The list goes on and on!

It's the off season and coupled with that there's always a plethora of baked goods and snacks galore at work, home, etc. It's so easy to gain a few pounds unless you're committed to training and eating smart throughout the debauchery that so often characterizes the holiday season.

It's more difficult to plan workouts during this time of the year but it's important to still set goals.  You can set goals yet still remain flexible.  For example if it snows too much to run on your scheduled day try running inside instead of doing a core workout so that you're still getting some activity.  Another good option is to do double or triple workouts on the days when you have plenty of time.  Then if you miss a workout or two you're still in good shape.

Don't be discouraged.  Many of us with work and families struggle at this time of the year to stay in shape. With the short days, cold and snowy weather and the holidays it can be overwhelming trying to get out there. Stay committed and you'll get through it. Oh yes and don't forget the more cookies you eat, the more miles you need to run!