Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where Are You Going?

As summer comes to a close and fall gently knocks at your doorstep, have you asked yourself where you are going?

Maybe you're getting ready for a fall marathon or marathons or your last outdoor triathlon of the season...and that's awesome! But what comes next? What's your plan for the fall and winter? Do you hibernate? Or will you adapt your training to the changing weather conditions and push on racing through the cold, snowy days and forging through to the spring sprints or marathons?

This will be my second year of serious year-round training. No longer do I "take it easy in the winter". Not that there is anything wrong with that approach, it's just that for me I have no desire to stop or lose endurance, which we all know takes time to build.

So I'm curious. Where are you going? What is your plan for the colder months? How will you stay in shape and if you're an endurance athlete, how will you maintain your fitness especially through the laborious months of Jan-March?


  1. I find an earlier spring marathon, like Boston, is all that I need to stay dedicated during the winter - I noticed last year that you found quite a few 1st quarter of the year races as well, and I imagine you'll do the same next year (though probably no triathlons - at least in Ohio).

  2. Greg - I am planning a spring marathon too before tri season starts again. there are some indoor tris as well though not too many.