Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Race Season is Starting this Week! An Update on my 50K & Cleveland Marathon Training

It's hard to believe that my first race of the season is this weekend already! I guess it's more of a fun run than an actual race but it's the first thing on my schedule this season so still pretty exciting to get it started! I'll be running the Run for Regis trail half marathon this weekend in Peninsula. Originally we had planned to do the 50K distance but I just didn't feel ready. We'll be running the Green Jewel 50K in early March instead! 

I also just signed my husband Steve and I up for another trail half marathon at Holloway Park in Lakeland, FL next Saturday! We'll be going from one extreme to another...from snow, ice and cold to green grass, rocks and sunshine/warmth! I think it will be fun and coach agreed running back to back trail half races would be good training for the 50K and upcoming marathon season. 

So far the long runs to train for the Cleveland Marathon are going well also. I plan to run Toledo first and toughen up for Cleveland! I've been doing longer runs back to back most weeks with this past weekend being 18 miles on the road including some hills and a trail 10k run Sunday at North Chagrin Reservation. The legs are feeling pretty strong so far!

This week my training is a little lighter than the last couple of months to freshen up the legs a bit. I look forward to starting the season out strong and continuing to work on developing my endurance for later in the season!


  1. Have fun in Florida! It's a great time of year to get down there. And I know you're ready to race. Good luck!

  2. Thanks John. Looking forward to the warm up! And thanks for the goodluck vibes! Hope you're right!