Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Recap of my 2016 Racing Season and a Farewell Blog Post

It's hard to believe it but this is the last post that I'm planning to write for Run Today Tri Tomorrow. Since I started the blog I've set and accomplished a lot of goals. I dreamed of running more marathons, an ultra and of completing an Ironman distance triathlon. I've done all these things and it's been a very fun and interesting journey. While I still plan to race for some time, I needed a change so I have launched a new blog that combines my love of running and tris with beer. Head on over there now to read it at: http://thehoprunner.blogspot.com/.

2016 went fast and so did my season. Here's a quick recap:


  • I placed 2nd at the Great Western Reserve Olympic Tri
  • I placed 3rd in the Munroe Falls Sprint Tri
  • I had my best 70.3 run ever at IM Ohio where I ran 1:46 for a finish time of 5:38
  • Milton Man Olympic Tri was rough and I was 2nd in AG
  • Nordonia Duo Relay - won co-ed although my bike time suffered due to a couple       mechanicals

  • Running:

    • I ran my second Green Jewel 50K and once again came in second place - albeit about 35 minutes faster this time thanks to better conditioning and weather conditions. 
    • I ran my first Boston Marathon and it was an amazing and unforgettable experience. I will be back for more but unfortunately missed my BQ this year by few minutes. 
    • I ran back to back marathons in Erie Sept 11 (3:44) and Lansing on Sept 18 (3:51). This was even harder than I thought it would be. 
    • 3 weeks later on Oct 11 I placed 1st in my AG at the Towpath Marathon in 3:42. 
    • I ran my first trail marathon at Run With Scissors. Ouch that was hard! 
    • I won my AG at the Hill Yeah 1/2 marathon and I placed 3rd in my AG in the inaugural Run for Chardon 1/2 Marathon. Both of these were hilly!
    • I placed 1st in my AG at Dirty Love Trail 10K, 3rd in my AG at Blossomtime Run and 4th at Run for Regis Trail 1/2 Marathon
    • This year I placed first in two 5ks, second in one and third in another. I should run more sprints as I tend to place better in these. Plus I wonder how much faster I could get if I focused on speed instead of aerobic work.
    • Cleveland Marathon I was fatigued and dropped down to the half. It was a tough day all around with that crazy weather!
    • My Trail 100K at Conquer the Castle became a trail 50K due to some lingering low back and hip issues.
    I have been running some base mileage, lifting weights, doing yoga, spinning, getting massages and going to a chiropractor for treatments to get me ready for the 2017 season. I plan to limit my racing early in the year to allow for some extra recovery. For 2017 I plan to go for a marathon PR and I am signed up for my first 100 miler in July so it will be a lot of running this season and hopefully some shorter tris in the summer once I recover followed by fall marathons if I am up for it.

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