Friday, October 1, 2010

Akron RoadRunner 1/2 Marathon Race Report

First, let me just say what a fantastic job the city of Akron does with the RoadRunner Marathon! It is a very well-organized race! Kudos to the race director, sponsor, volunteers, the locals who come out to cheer the runners on and all the runners who show up on race day! It is a fun and challenging event with a half marathon and marathon course that draws the best local runners around to run solo or as a 5-person relay team.

I ran the half marathon again for the second consecutive year.  I had the joy of running it with my sweetheart Steve this year. He made it a very special weekend for me. Thanks babe.

Friday I hit the expo with a friend at lunch. We had fun looking at all the running goodies and goofing off. I went again after work with my guy because he needed to get some calve sleeves.  After that we met up with friends for dinner at Crave. After dinner we made the trek back to Youngstown and turned in around 10:30...only to be up at 4:30. Oh yes, the life of a runner - we keep some interesting hours! But once you hit the start line it is all worth the sacrifice and extra effort!

On race morning we headed to downtown Akron. Fortunately for us my office is nearby so we got ready there and jogged down to the start a few blocks away. It was so exciting getting lined up with all the other runners and the energy was good as we listened to the national anthem and waited for our cue to run.

The start of the race was fast for me as usual. I tend to run my first mile or two fast (sometimes too fast)!  I guess this is the sprinter in me since I was a track runner years ago. It was a lot of fun running over the newly paved Y-Bridge and my guy was close to me the first mile so that was cool. He would of course get ahead of me soon after with those fast legs!

My goal for the race was 1:40 or better but I didn't quite make it. I had a pretty good first half except that I had to stop and use the bathroom around mile 4 or 5 so that set me back a few minutes. After mile seven I kindof bonked. I'm not sure why. I just wasn't feeling it so I know I slowed down for a little while only to pick back up around mile nine. Mile 11.5 to the finish is intense with a nice 5% hill grade. Oh yah, feels good on the already tired legs. I am just happy I didn't stop and walk any of it as many people were and I don't blame them!  I had a good kick at the end and did my best to sprint into the stadium to my finish time of 1:46:34 (the 1:47+ you see in pic was the clock time not chip time).

My guy almost hit his PR. He ran a 1:34 so he had to wait for me for a little bit. It was so great hugging him after the race and having our picture taken together. My bestie ran a :30 PR to finish around 1:58. I am glad they both did well and I am okay with my time although it was not a PR.

After we ate some food and got our medals, we headed back to my office to get cleaned up and relax for a little while. I think we were all exhausted and ready for a nap!  It was a great day and we all had fun "running the bird"! Looking forward to running it again in 2011 - hopefully with a better time!


  1. Nice job running the Bird - it is a well organized event and I look forward to doing it again too, though next year I think I'll give the flatter Towpath Marathon a shot. Glad you were able to make such a social event of it; as I walked past Crave while scouting a little bit of the course Friday afternoon I wondered how many times you were going to eat there that day.

  2. Just now seeing your comment. I'm a little slow to reply. So are you planning to run the 1/2 next year and the Towpath Full or both? I'm sure you could do both as you are a running machine! Hope all is well!