Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Running Know-How

It's that time of the year again in Northeast Ohio. We call it fall. It's a time of beautiful colors, crisp and cooler air, shorter days and tasty treats. However it is also a time of more potential hazards for those of us who are active.

Please be careful and comfortable out there by following these fall running suggestions:

• Be aware of the time. If you run after work then you've noticed the days grow shorter. Running in the dusk or dark can be dangerous so make sure you have reflective clothing and/or a headlamp with you to make sure you're visible to cars, cyclists and others.

• Monitor the weather. If you are running in the rain you should be alert to your surroundings as the wet fall leaves have a tendency to be slippery.

• Dress appropriately. Fall is a weird time for weather. Some days have warm mornings or evenings and others are very cold. Go outside before you run and feel the temperature so you can dress for the actual conditions. Remember you can always remove an extra layer.

• Invest in running gloves and a colder weather hat or headband to keep your hands and ears warm on those chilly fall days. Another great item to consider is a vest to keep your core warm on colder days.

• Although the temperatures are cooler you still need to be hydrated - especially on longer runs. Make sure you are drinking water and sports drinks and fueling as needed for your specific runs.

Follow these suggestions and you should have an enjoyable fall season of running. Now go get out there!


  1. Great reminders, Pamela. I love the crisp temps of fall... One of my favorite pieces of clothing are the running capris - perfect for in-between temps when shorts/skirts are too cold on the thighs, but long tights get too hot.

    Hooray for fall running. :)

  2. It truly is such a beautiful time of the year to run! See ya at STG!

  3. Thanks Janet! See you there! Hope it's a nice day to race!