Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Will be a Big Year for my Triathlon and Marathon Ambitions

I said I would post the 2012 race schedule soon and here it is. Although I finished this a few weeks ago, I look at it now and realize I have a LOT of training ahead of me! Holy moly this is a packed season! I have never used a coach before but this is the year I am going to do it. To make all this happen but not just happen. I want to make it happen in a big way. Be sure to follow my blog all season to see how I am performing and to give me a swift kick in the ass when I need it!

2012 Schedule:

3/10/12 - St Malachi - 5 mile road race - done 35:55
3/25/12 - Kirtland Strides of March - 5K - done 22:33 - 3rd overall female

4/15/12 - Dover Run for Home Half Marathon - done - not officially timed but 1:58

5/12/12 - Nordonia Hills Duathlon
5/20/12 - Cleveland Half Marathon
5/26/12 - St Johns 5K (maybe)

6/3/12 - Twinsburg Duathlon
6/10/12 - North Shore Border War Sprint Tri
6/13/12 - Mentor Flag Day 5K
6/16/12 - Captains 5K (maybe)
6/24/12 - Akron Tri (maybe)

7/1/12 - Milton Man Triathlon Olympic Tri
7/22/12 - Fairport Harbor Tri - Sprint

8/12/12 - Rev3Tri Wisconsin Dells 70.3 Half Rev
8/18/12 - St Gabriel 5K (maybe)

9/9/12 - Rev3Tri Cedar Point 140.6 full rev (aka the BHAG)

10/7/12 - Towpath Half Marathon
10/28/12 - Rev3 FL 70.3

11/4/12 - Autumn Leaves 5 mile (maybe)
11/22/12 - Painesville Turkey Day 5K

So there it is. At least all the planned races and some maybes. Although I hope to get in even another Rev3 race or two so I can represent my team and get to know everyone! Needless to say I am training and ramping up for tri season now! Hope the season meets my expectations as I have some lofty goals of a 5-1/2 or better 70.3, finish first full in decent time (12-13 hours) and enjoy some other PRs at various distances. Hell, if I'm lucky I will even win some new hardware along the way! Fingers crossed!


  1. Your race schedule looks awesome!!!

    I will be at some of the same races!
    - Cleveland Half
    - Knoxville
    - Twinsburg (Maybe)
    - Wisconsin
    - Cedar Point
    - Towpath (I normally volunteer at this race, if I don't have a race that day)

    Well lady looks like we are going to be seeing a lot of each other!!!

    Rev3 Represents OHIO

  2. Yeah, love the BHAG! :) Will CP be your first full? Wish i was joining you at 140.6 but giving myself another year or two... which means: can't wait to cheer you on/watch you rock it!

  3. I'll be cheering you on at Knox! And I'm excited for you to finish your first 140.6; there's nothing like crossing that line for the first time!

  4. Dixie - that is awesome that we'll be doing many of the same races - esp cedar point full rev! woot!

    Maggie - yep, CP will be my first 140.6! Thinking hubby may do it with me too (I hope)!

    Joshua - awesome! I am both excited and terrified of the 140.6. haha.

    Can't wait to meet all of you!!!

  5. So I will see ya at Malachi, probably Monroe Falls and Milton Man and of course Cedar Point.

    So probably a stupid question, but what is BHAG?

    PS- Knoxville is super fun and wish I was hitting Dells at it sounds like an awesome venue and we all know REV3 rocks!

  6. Awesome Jan. Is malachi before or after your birthday (wink).

    BHAG is big, hairy, audacious goal. It's just a goofy saying.

    Did you do the Knoxville oly or 70.3?

    I am super excited to be on the Rev3 Team this year. So far I love everyone!

  7. Great race schedule! We will cross paths at CP for sure!

  8. Thanks Joel and look forward to seeing you at CP! You doing the full or half?

  9. Malachi is always before my birthday. Yes still 34 for that one so you better bring you A game...JK!!!

    BHAG-haha, great saying!

    I did the Oly there as I was do the REV3 Series in 2010 and that was the select race for the series. Very scenic bike roads and nice town for dining.

    And yes, TEAM REV3 Rocks!

  10. Yep, time to start the speedwork. Last year I was a train wreck at Malachi. In part from the foot injury that turned out to be a stress fracture. Trying to stay healthy this season! Doubt I will be as fast as you lady. You're a beast! I'm just hoping for a nice PR! Definitely looking forward to drinks after!!

  11. Looks like our paths will cross at least once, at Cleveland (though I'm doing the full). Not sure if I am doing Malachi yet, I usually find an excuse (like being in Asia) not to. And I'm probably doing Akron full in the fall, though the temptation to defend the Towpath title is strong. Good luck!

  12. Nice, I'll be there to cheer you on at the Cleve finish along with some other friends! I hope to PR. We shall see. I love Akron but can't do it this year again with the full 140.6 being on the 9th. No way I will be recovered in time. Towpath full should be good for! You should definitely run it again. You're the 2011 winner. Two victories in a row would be awesome! Have a great season!