Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Sponsors For Team Rev3

It's been a stellar couple of weeks in terms of training and racing. I feel so fortunate to have so much support behind me this year with Team Rev3 and of course my husband, family, friends and coach! Being on a team definitely has its perks too outside of the new friends and guidance received. Rev3 has put together a terrific list of sponsors for us including themselves!

  • Powerbar - As part of Powerbar's Team Elite, we have access to a generous amount of Powerbar's products! I just got two big boxes of goodies last week to help fuel all that running, biking and swimming! Everything is delicious. Especially loving the orange recovery drink right now!
  • Pearl Izumi - Our Rev3 kits will be provided by PI as well as some other awesome goodies like shoes and more apparel!
  • Swiftwick - Our awesome sock sponsor is providing free and discounted compression footwear. I raced in a pair already and love them!
  • Blueseventy - Our official swim and wetsuit sponsor has provided a nice discount on their merchandise. I just ordered a new wetsuit and expect it to arrive anytime now!  
  • SBR Sports (Foggle, TriSwim, TriSlide) is providing for all of our swimcare products like Foggle, which is a must for keeping goggles clear and the shampoo/soap/lotion are awesome at getting the pool smell off!
  • NormaTec MVP will be helping us out with compression boots to help those TIRED legs recover after long workouts. Can't wait to try these out!
  • Blue and Argon 18 are offering discounts for the team members who want to purchase a new bike.
The more I engage in this sport, I see how much it takes to be successful. It takes a lot of dedication, planning and focus and it also takes a lot of fuel and gear. Thank you Rev3 and all team sponsors for your generosity this season! It is very much appreciated and needed!

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