Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stopping to Smell the Flowers

Before I begin this post, let me just state that I may be overly-emotional this week. In a good way though! I am stopping to smell the flowers. There is so much to appreciate.

It's been an incredible year!!!

  • I married the love of my life! A man that is my very best friend in the world,  makes me laugh everyday and makes me feel special...and lucky! 

  • I made the Rev3 Triathlon age group team! A team of inspirational, fun and fit people for an organization that does some amazing things like Running Across America to raise money for cancer! 

  • I will be moving into the house of my dreams anyday now! A beautiful colonial in an amazing neighborhood with an in-ground pool for practicing my swimming and a ready made gym! Perfect house for us! Pictures to come.

It's also been a challenging year!!!

  • The process of selling our home and now selling/buying at the same time! The stress of it all! Ugh!

  • I have the worst running injury ever in terms of time off - so far it's beaten my stress fracture last season! Not being able to run during these last 7 weeks has been a real challenge but I've survived it. I know I will get it back soon (fingers crossed).

  • Some personal stresses that my husband must face thanks to a ghost of the past who quite frankly seems bitter. I guess I'd be bitter too if I lost the most amazing man in the world thanks to my own stupidity! Her loss my gain!!!
So I am a little emotional. I have been blessed with wonderful friends and family and teammates and people that believe in me and support me. This post is to say thank you and also to let you know that I will be back stronger than ever soon! And more importantly wiser! 


  1. Stay strong!! So happy for you and know the struggles will pass. Good luck with the move!

  2. Wow sounds like you are having an amazing year! Congratulations!

  3. Thanks lady! You are so right. I keep thinking of this saying "this too shall pass". And congrats on a killer race at Eagleman! You killed it!

  4. Im glad you've kept a good attitude about it all. Not being able to run for that long would put me in a very dark place

  5. A dark place? haha. I have my moments. Hoping to get back to normal soon. It's not easy!