Thursday, March 28, 2013

Running for a Cause - Where Fitness Meets The Heart

We run for many reasons. We run to be physically fit. We run to be mentally fit. We run to be free. We run with friends. We run to blow off steam. We run to celebrate things. We run to mourn things. We run to commemorate special things or people. We run to test ourselves and our limits. We run to feel good about ourselves and the world around us. We run to have some time alone for ourselves to think or reflect or just be. All of these reasons are terrific reasons to run. When we run we are better because of it. We make ourselves better physically, mentally and maybe spiritually. Another very good reason to run is to run for a greater purpose, a cause that helps the world be just a little bit better for someone or something.

There are many worthy causes out there from raising funds for cancer survivors and cancer research to autism to helping those less fortunate than us who need shelter or food. Anything we do to help support these causes makes the world a little bit kinder and better for someone. This year I am supporting a very special organization and cause called Girls With Sole (GWS). GWS was started by fellow athlete and Clevelander Liz Ferro. Liz knows firsthand how much running and fitness in general can help to develop a girl's self esteem. 

GWS mentors young girls and women that have been abused or are at risk and helps them to develop self-esteem and a lifelong love of fitness and achievement. With the help of your generous donations, Girls With Sole will provide things like running shoes and clothes, race entry fees, ongoing coaching and mentoring and even a new bike to these well deserving young women. By running the Cleveland Marathon as part of Team Lula, I can help GWS raise funds to help these girls learn the power of fitness and self-esteem. That makes me feel happy inside knowing that my sweat and tears are helping to serve a higher cause beyond myself. I like to call this where fitness meets the heart!

I am proud to be a member of Team Lula for this year's Cleveland Marathon. Please consider making a donation to make the world a little better place for the GWS girls! Any amount from $5-500 helps and is much appreciated! To Donate simply click on the link below, select the amount you wish to give and fill out the form.

Thank you for supporting me and Girls With Sole and their girls! I will think of all of you and the difference we made together as I cross the finish line!


  1. Great writing, great cause. Having a daughter and two grand daughters I can relate to how important self esteem is. Connecting through sport is a great way to do it. Keep up the great work and writing.... Thanks, from a fellow athelete, writer, and father....

  2. Thanks Bruce, I appreciate the comment. I too have a daughter as well as a step daughter and try to encourage both girls to be fit and believe in themselves!