Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blossom Time Run Race Report

Steve and I decided at the last minute to run the Blossom Time race in Chagrin Falls as a fun run. With perfect weather we had to take advantage of it!


With the start at 9am we were able to sleep in a little bit, which was nice. We arrived in downtown Chagrin Falls around 8 and headed over to packet pick up. It was nice running into some Cleveland Tri Club friends before the race. We headed back to the car to get ready and get in a quick warm up before lining up at the start around 8:50. There was a nice crowd of runners - probably close to 2000 people. It was already getting warm and I decided to run in my sports bra. It turns out that was a good decision because it will a hilly, hot race!

Start & Race:

After the Star Spangled Banner was sung the shotgun went off and it was a mad dash for the first mile. This first mile was fast and totally the opposite of the previous week's more relaxed start at the Cleveland Marathon. I went out a little faster than I probably should have and had some pulling in my right hamstring so I stopped to stretch it out at the first water stop. Steve had taped it for me but I think it just wasn't warmed up yet.

I slowed my pace some the next couple of miles and loosened up. By mile 3 I was ready to race and I really started to get into it. Unfortunately I had some time to make up. I enjoyed the hills and passing people the last couple of miles. The last 1/4 mile was a bonus since this was a 5.25 mile race. I definitely noticed people fading towards the end but with running a marathon the week before I felt great as I came across the finish in 39:25 (7:30 pace). I was 3rd in the 35-39 AG. Not as fast a time as I would have liked but this was a race for fun and I am happy with my time and finishing in my AG considering Cleveland was only a week before and it took me several days to recover from it.

Steve had a good race, finishing in 33:26 for 2nd place in the 45-49AG. A week after his big BQ he is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. It's great to see him doing so well this season!

Post Race:

Hanging out after the race in Chagrin Falls 
We stopped by the Northern Ohio Team in Training tent and said hi to some of staff and athletes that were running the race. Then we stopped at Starbucks for a snack and coffee and enjoyed taking in the gorgeous scenery in Chagrin Falls following the race. There were lots of people downtown with the Blossom Time festival going on.

We stopped for a quick lunch and post race beer on the way home at Willoughby Brewing. The Hop Jam Black IPA is a good one to try!

 It was a fun day. We had a great experience and I think we will definitely do this race again.

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