Friday, June 6, 2014

Twinsburg Duathlon Relay Race Report - Looking for some speed

Two or three years back when I was injured with a stress fracture in my foot, my husband and I had a great time doing the Twinsburg Duathlon Relay. He ran and I biked  and we won the co-ed division. When I learned that my friend Laurie had a stress fracture and wouldn't be able to race any duathlons or triathlons until later in the season I asked her if she would want to do the relay. I would run while she biked. It worked out really well. We had fun, pushed ourselves and took 2nd in the overall relay, missing first only by about a minute!

The race starts with a 2 mile run then has a 10 mile bike and a second 2 mile run. So it was my job to start the race off with a good run. My goal was to run about a 7 minute mile, no more than 7:15 so on the first run I was happy to clock a 14:34 (6:56) pace, which is good for me. 

I ran in to transition and had to remove the chip and hand it to Laurie as she prepped for the ride. Our T1 was 51 seconds and she was off for the 10 miles. I hung out in the transition area and talked with some fiends and other relay athletes. 

Post race awards with Laurie for 2nd place in the relay!
After her bike ride, which took 33:48 (17.8mph) Laurie was back. We again had to switch the timing chip for T2, which took us 36 seconds and I was off for run #2. I had left my garmin on to keep the time running but when I started the second run I noticed it wasn't giving me my pace. I tried to run by feel and ended up being a little slower than I had wanted with a 15:16 (7:16) pace and a finish time of 1:05:08. The first place team had finished in 1:04:02 so we were close.

Steve had a great, competitive race finishing in 55:53 and placing 4th in his age group and 12th overall. It was a tough field and the top 25 finishers including a couple females all broke an hour.

After the race we hung around for the awards and to catch up with some friends and then we headed home to relax for a while before a longer bike ride.

Next up is the Girls With Sole Lula 5 Miler this weekend and then Rev3 Williamsburg 70.3! Watch for the race reports.

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